Hi! I’m Hannah Mumby, an illustrator / artist / creative facilitator based in the South West of England. This is a space for questions about creative practice. I’m hoping that by untangling a few threads, and discussing them with you, I might open up some new roads to wander down.

I’ll also be using this space to talk about my creative approaches, looking at areas like narrative/storytelling, interactive interventions, illustrating emotions, using ink as a medium to loosen up image-making, and what I’ve learned from teaching med students how to be artists.

This might be a monthly offering, I’m hoping to occasionally audio record voiceovers so that you can listen if you don’t feel like reading.

You can download the Substack app on your phone where you’ll also be able to read, subscribe to other newsletters and listen to the audio recordings.

You can see my creative work and read more about me at www.hannahmumby.co.uk

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Creative Practice and Meaning-Making


I'm an Artist and Creative Facilitator. I create artworks that surface interesting/peculiar narratives embedded in texts. As a facilitator I'm a big believer in using creative approaches to explore the mess and stuck-ness of collaborative projects.